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Resources for Students

  • ABCYA  
    Education computer games for kids  
    Grades K - 5
    Educational games, online books, comics  
    Grades: PreK – 8
  • PBS KIDS  
    Educational games, videos and activities for kids
    Student resources, homework help, games and interactives  
    Grades: K – 12
    Online almanac, dictionary, encyclopedia and homework help  
    Grades: 4 – 8
  • KID INFO  
    Directory of educational websites, videos and educational game websites  
    Grades: PreK – 8
    Information portal featuring homework-related websites and reference center  
    Grades: K – 12

Apps for your mobile device

  • Letter School 

    Practice handwriting and letter recognition  
    Grades: PreK-1

  • Reading Raven  

    Practice foundational reading skills  
    Grades: PreK-2 

  • My First Tangrams  

    Manipulate shapes to form art  
    Grades: PreK-2 

  • MathTrappers  

    Addition and Subtraction practice  
    Grades: K-2 

  • Kindertown  

    An app store that offers resources for children ages 3-8, with parent and teacher reviews and filtered searches 

  • Toontastic  

    Create your own cartoon  
    Grades: PreK-5 

  • Evernote Peek  

    Flashcards and studying help  
    Grades: 6-12 

  • Graphing Calculator  

    App graphing calculator  
    Grades: 10-12

  • Easel SAT Prep Lite  

    Free SAT prep  
    Grades: 10-12

  • Studious  

    Schedule your homework due dates and exams  
    Grades: 6-12