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2017 School Board Candidate Survey

Candidate Questions

What are your top priorities for K-12 education?

Are you familiar with charter public schools?Yes / No / Unsure

If familiar with charter schools, are you supportive of them as an educational option for Delaware students?Yes / No / Unsure

Please describe any personal or professional involvement or interaction you've had with charter public schools:

Core Issues

Public School Choice

Charter public schools offer quality and choice in the public education system. We believe strongly that every family should have the option to choose where their child is educated no matter where they live, including low-income families, English-language learners, students of color, and students with disabilities. Other public education models of choice include pilot schools, magnets, small learning communities, and theme based academies.

Do you support public school choice for parents, and would you advocate for the protection of charter public schools as a viable option?

Yes or No


The Delaware Charter Schools Law, approved in 1995, opened the door to education reform and school choice in Delaware, allowing charter schools to operate with autonomy and flexibility in exchange for increased accountability. Charter schools must meet all state academic standards and participate in all state and federally required testing and accountability systems. If a charter school does not show improved academic outcomes for its pupils, it may be revoked or not renewed by its authorizer.

Do you support the policy framework of granting charter school operators greater flexibility and autonomy over curriculum, budget and staffing decisions in exchange for proven, higher or comparable academic outcomes?

Yes or No

Facilities Equity

Many charters are forced to spend a disproportionate amount of their budgets to rent facilities, despite their public school status. This is money better spent in the classroom. Title 14, Chapter 5, Section 504A (6) provides ‘that a school district must make unused buildings or space (defined as space no longer needed, permanently or temporarily, for non-charter school purposes) buildings or space in buildings available to a charter school, and shall bargain in good faith over the cost of rent, services and maintenance related to such space’.

Do you support the principle that all public school students, charter public school or traditional public, should be afforded equal access to district facilities?

Yes or No

Co-location is a practice used in Red Clay Consolidated School District that allows for district facilities that are partially occupied by a district school, to be used by a charter school in a shared space. Do you support the practice of co-location?

Yes or No

Charter Authority and Renewal

Pursuant to Delaware Title 14, Chapter 5, Section 503, the state empowers two public entities with the authority to approve charter schools: local district school boards and Department of Education with the assent of the State Board of Education.

Does your board currently act as a charter school authorizer? If so, how would you characterize the relationship shared between the district board and the charter schools within its purview?

If your district board does not currently act as an authorizer, would you consider opening that possibility up in the near future?

Yes or No


Candidate Positions

Please identify whether you support or oppose the reforms included in the following list of education priorities. If you do not support, please explain why in the space that follows.

Would you support requiring schools to receive a summative rating/grade based mainly on student achievement and growth to allow parents to easily understand school performance while notifying parents of under-performing schools?

Support / Oppose / Unsure

Would you support a shift in how schools are funded by requiring dollars to follow each student based on student need rather than funding a district merely based on attendance levels? This is commonly known as weighted student funding.

Support / Oppose / Unsure