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2017 District School Board Elections - Tuesday, May 9

Please VOTE - Your Voice Matters AND District Boards Do Affect Charter Schools

Next week, your vote will impact the lives of public school students across our state – including charter students.

Most district school boards do not directly govern charter schools, but they have authority over district budgets that directly affect charter funds and resources.

We believe that charter parents, staff, and board members should know where candidates stand on issues that affect our charter community.

To that end, the Delaware Charter Schools Network sent out a survey to all School Board candidates. Those candidates who have responded appear below, and we will continue to post responses if more arrive before School Board Election Day.

If you do not see surveys from all of the candidates running in your district, we encourage you to reach out to them through their websites or Facebook pages. If you need any help reaching your candidates, please feel free to reach out to me and I will do my best to help.

Remember: School board elections take place inside district schools, NOT at your usual polling places! If you’re a resident of the district, you can vote at any polling place in the district. Candidate names and polling locations can be found here:

New Castle County

Kent County

List of Candidates

Sussex County

Please go out and VOTE on Tuesday, May 9 - and tell your friends and neighbors too!