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Legislative Letter Templates 

One of the benefits of living in a small state like Delaware is that, more than anywhere, your voice makes a difference. You all have a story to share, but maybe you're not quite sure how to put your thoughts into words, or you need some examples to get started. We are in the process of building an archive of legislative letter templates for our community. 

2014 Candidate Survey Ask Letter Template

On October 20th, DCSN sent out a survey to all of the candidates up for election in November 2014. The survey asks for the candidates' opinions on issues surrounding th charter school movement. We plan to post their answers to this survey on our website in order to help our community make informed decisions when they cast their vote on November 4th. We need your help to get answers back from these candidates! We have drafted an e-mail/letter template for you to personalize and send to your legislators, encouraging them to complete the survey. Use the "2014 Delaware Election Candidates" link to find contact information. 

Download the Candidate Survey Ask Letter Template Here

2014 Delaware Election Candidates

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