Charter School Quality Indicators

Charter School Quality Indicators

Student Achievement, Fiscal Responsibility, Responsible Governance, Charter Community Support

Quality indicators for charter schools in Delaware are derived from the efforts of the national Building Quality Charter Schools consensus panel. These indicators are based on the Principles of Delaware Charter Schools and are intended to serve as a guide for public charter schools as they develop individual goals in each metric that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely in their efforts to successfully fulfill their role as leaders in education reform.

The Measures and Metrics
of Delaware Charter School Operational Quality

Student Achievement

  • Academic Performance
  • Mission Achievement
  • Fiscal Responsibility

  • Student enrollment
  • Liquidity
  • Sustainability
  • Occupancy Costs (facility)
  • Successful Annual Financial Audit
  • board diversity and board access to expertise
  • Charter Community Support

  • High ratings on parent satisfaction surveys
  • Student re-enrollment
  • Responsible Governance

  • Board approved goals around student achievement, student behavior, financial health and organizational development
  • Compliance with statute, related regulation and reporting
  • Annual school leader evaluation
  • Clear, accurate, and transparent communications related to academic and operational performance
  • Documented attention to school performance changes
  • Formal annual board review of goals
  • Regular review of charter school's contract
  • Commitment to board diversity and board access to expertise