Take Action

to support the charter school movement ... it takes a village

Every Child Deserves an Opportunity for an Excellent Public Education

Every day the Delaware Charter Schools Network advocates for Delaware’s children. Primarily we advocate for our charter school children, but in reality, it is for all of our children.

Charter schools provide a choice for the education of our children. In Delaware the parents of over 17,000 students have been able to exercise their right to choose the educational environment and method that fits the individual needs of their child. We work every day to preserve and enhance the choices that we currently have and help to create collaborations and the atmosphere to add more.

To do the work that we do, we need your help because we cannot do it alone. We need your time, your talents, your charitable contributions, and most importantly, we need your VOICE.

How can you help?

  • Talk to your friends and neighbors about your experiences with charter schools.
  • There are some that still do not understand that charter schools are FREE public schools.
  • A good number of parents still do not know all of the choices that are available in education.
  • Many myths continue to be believed about our charter schools. Please help us by correcting misinformation when you hear it or see it in writing. 
  • Legislators have the power to affect change in our education landscape. Tell them what you think about charter schools and choice for education. They need to hear from you. (Don’t know who they are or how to contact them? Check out our Legislative Tab for links and ideas to find out how!)
  • Write letters and / or emails with general comments on charter schools, or as public comment response for legislation that is being put forth. See below for a general template to do this.

You know what charter schools can provide.

We need you to speak the truth about what and who we are too!

How can you make public comment or write a letter/email to support your charter school?