Legislative Advocacy

Every child deserves an opportunity for an excellent public education. We know that our schools and our community are working towards this every day. But to get there, not only do we need to focus on the actual education of students, we need to make sure that bureaucratic challenges do not impede the work that we do. Excessive codes and regulations pertaining to education can create hurdles to providing the education that our students need. As our elected officials make decisions about student funding, evaluation requirements, school choice, and other code and regulation, they need to hear OUR voices and stories.

How can you help?

We need you to be advocates too!

What is advocacy?

Why advocacy matters?

Eash day, the halls and inboxes of any state or national legislature are filled with advocates – paid and unpaid citizens who are advocating for causes they care about. Advocates’ passion often influences state and national legislation, so charter school advocates must ensure their voice is heard.

Advocacy means telling others that you support charter schools – and why. And your voice has the power to positively impact your neighborhood and school.

Lawmakers decide if charter schools are allowed to operate in a given state, what regulations are applied to them, how they are funded, if their funding is equitable with other public schools, and so much more. 

If you want to see charter schools thrive in our state, you must voice your support to lawmakers.

Who do you advocate to?

Elected officials, the Department of Education, the local district school board, and the community at large

Most of our advocacy is needed at the state level. While we want the Governor and Lieutenant Governor to know and care about our charter schools and our community, we need our Senators, Representatives, County Councils, and City Councils to know first as the work of code and regulations starts there. Do you know who your legislators are? Do you know which legislators represent the community in which your school is located? If not, below you will find a link to a page where you can look that information up!

Find your (and your school's) legislators:

On the middle, right hand side of this site: 

Home – Delaware General Assembly

You can type in your address (and your school’s address) and the site will pull up your House and Senate representatives.

Find your school district of residence:

Enter your address on this Department of Education website:

DOE School Locator

The feeder school pattern and school district for your home will be listed here.

Let our elected officials know that you support charter schools
and that you want them to support our schools too!

County and City Councils

While in Delaware County and City councils don’t have legislative purview of our charter schools, they do have a voice in the education of children in their respective districts. They need to know about your schools and the positive impact that charter schools have made for you and/or your children. While there are too many cities to link all of them here, below are links to find your representative at each of our three counties.

Federal Delegation

Sometimes there are bills or budget items that could either help or harm charter schools not only in Delaware, but across the country. That is when we need to reach out to our three representatives to the U.S. Congress.