Start a Charter School

How to Start a Charter School

Founding a charter school requires patience, perseverance, and a sincere commitment to fulfilling the expectations of charter schools in Delaware. The task is not for the faint hearted or those with limited time to spare. However, the outcome of this dedication can result in hundreds of children’s lives changed for the better. The Delaware Charter Schools Network, like state charter school organizations throughout this country, recognizes that great charter schools begin long before opening day. By providing charter school applicants with clear direction on the expectations and qualities of excellent charter schools in Delaware, new schools are more likely to meet success in the application and start-up process.

If you are interested in founding a charter school, please reference the Quality Charter School Design Workbook and the helpful links below.

Application Process

Below is a list of recently approved policies for Student Handbooks and Codes of Conduct.


Codes of Conduct